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In our order configurator you can indicate all wishes / specifications of the operation. Here you will also find the prices. In the next step, you upload the images and place the order


Use the examples to decide the average difficulty of the clipping. Are you in doubt? Choose the level of difficulty you think. We always check these for you. Even if you have checked a high difficulty level.

Dropyourimage Dropyourimage

Scegliere lo sfondo


Scegliete quale sfondo volete. Il primo è gratuito (tranne che per l'altra opzione). È possibile scegliere una o più opzioni. Ogni opzione aggiuntiva costa 0,25.

Scegliete lo sfondo desiderato (sono possibili più opzioni)

File extension

Scegliete i formati di file desiderati che desiderate ricevere alla consegna. Sono possibili più estensioni di file. I costi sono pari a 0,25



In what sizes do you want to receive the files? Enter your desired width and height and then click on add. Do you want to receive multiple sizes? This is possible, you can indicate multiple sizes. The cost per extra size is 0.15

In what sizes do you want to receive the files?


White margin


Do you want space between the edge and the object in the image? Then there are 3 different options. If you dont want white space around the object, choose autocrop. If you want the same space between the object and the edge everywhere, choose fixed magin and fill in the space. If you want different spaces per side, choose variable margin and specify your nested white space per side.

Do you want space between the edge and the object in the image?


Invisible Man


Do you have a piece of clothing and do you want to have the coat hanger worked out? Or do you have a garment photographed on a mannequin? Then you can choose this option. We process the collar mounting so that it is no longer visible.

The processing of hangers and mannequins in clothing




Do you want to add shadow to your image? We offer 3 different options.

Aggiungere ombra all'immagine. Le possibilità


Colour Processing


If you want to optimize the colors in your photo, we offer various types of color processing. Below we describe which service suits you best. If you have an example or want to share additional information with us what you have in mind, you can indicate this in the text field below.


Do you have a photo of a person or object and do you want to remove irregularities, make the image stand out more. Actually make the best use of the colors in the image then this is the best choice for you.

Skin tone

This option is used with photos of people. With this operation we tighten the skin of the person (s) in the image and remove imperfections from the skin.

Color correction

Have you taken photos and do you want a correction on the colors? You want to keep the same colors, but just give it a different shade. So do not fully adjust the colors or optimize colors. Then this is the best option. Indicate what you have in mind in the text field below, possibly with example images.


If you want to completely color a photo, this is the right option. For example, we can make a yellow container red or black. This means you have to take 1 more photo and we take care of the other colors. If you choose this option, enter the colors you want in the text field. Preferably with color codes. You can also send photos of examples

Colors in your photos. Optimize, edit, adjust or recolor



Styling & Retouch


Do you have a product photo and do you want to optimize it, view the different options below and which one suits you best

Styling product

Do you have a product (not fashion) and do you want us to put it all together and ensure that there is consistency, there are no imperfections and so on. Then this is the right option

Straighten up

Have you taken photos and are not completely straight, such as a horizontal photo of jewelry? We ensure that it looks good and gradual.

Optimize your product images




Want to add a watermark in your image? Then choose this option. Add the text you want to add with an optional example. Or add your logo and tell in the text area where you want the watermark in the photo. Make sure that the image you want as a watermark is a PNG or AI file..


We now have all the specifications for your editing. In the next step you will find an overview of all the options you have selected. You can also upload the images here

Specifications overview

Aggiungi ulteriori informazioni qui

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Now that we have the specifications of the operation and the images have been uploaded, we can go to the last step. Here you can choose the delivery time and place your order

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